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Sky Walkers Lacrosse Program

The Sky Walkers Lacrosse Program is based in Maryland.  The Program attracts players not only from Maryland and the surrounding states, but also from across the nation.  Sky Walkers has historically consisted of high school and middle school players.  With the changing landscape in women's lacrosse, teams are now being formed in the grade school years. 

The Program, while recognizing this fact, encourages players to develop themselves athletically by being multiple sport athletes.  This is confirmed by many collegiate coaches, athletic trainers, and health care professionals.

The Program fully understands the fact that lacrosse is only a means to an end.  The end is to become a person who is unafraid to fail in order to achieve ultimate success.  

We aim to challenge our players far beyond their own recognition of their ability.  We encourage them not to fear failure, rather  to recognize it, as it is the best way to succeed.   By eagerly accepting each challenge one faces, efforts and hard work can be channeled to triumph over it.  The result is a person who develops excellent time management and organizational skills, as well as  the ability to work toward goals in a collaborative environment.

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